Month: January 2023

Why Sunless tanning solutions are better than sun tanning?

Many individuals prefer the appearance of bronzed, radiant skin. However, getting a good, natural tan might seem more work than it’s worth. Why? Sitting out in the sun will expose your skin to damaging UVA and UVB rays, raising your risk of developing cancer and accelerating aging. However, vertical tanning beds and versaspa tan near me are absolutely free from UV UVB rays and; thus, harmless.

Fortunately, sunless tanning techniques like self-tanning lotions and mystic tanning salons are some great alternatives to sitting out in the sun. You may attain the radiance you’ve always desired without using dangerous chemicals or radiation. If you’re still not persuaded, consider some advantages of sunless tanning.

1) Avoid sun exposure.

The first and most crucial benefit of sunless tanning is protecting our skin from damaging UVA and UVB radiation. Sunburns, skin cell destruction, skin damage, eye irritation, and many various forms of skin cancer are all caused by UV light exposure. While sunscreen can help guard against some of these impacts, the truth is that less exposure to the sun is healthier for our skin.

Sunless tanning gives you radiant skin that appears like you’ve been sitting out in the sun without the risks. No sun protection is necessary.

 2)  Chemicals and Toxins Free

Next, sunless tanners do not require chemical exposure.

Because many sunscreens include these compounds, even though wearing sunscreen reduces your UV light, you’re still putting new chemicals into your skin. These compounds are also included in several cosmetic products that give you a false bronze appearance. If you don’t want to put toxins into your body, mystic tan booths are the right option.

3)    Simple to Apply

Another advantage of sunless tanner is its ease of application. Depending on the composition, putting sunless tanner on your skin will make it feel similar to applying lotion or cream.

4)    Buildable Results

One of the most popular sunless tanning advantages is that the effects are buildable, allowing you to achieve the precise shade you desire.

Because the results are buildable, sunless tanning is ideal for beginners. There’s no need to stress about having the right approach or if you’ll enjoy how the color appears on your skin. You can begin with a light layer and then decide if to apply another coat when you see the effects. This also aids in achieving an even tan throughout your whole skin. If some areas of your skin are typically lighter than the others, just apply additional cream to those areas to get even coverage in no time. If you are a beginner, consider visiting your nearest spray tan places for professional help.

5)    Can be applied all year-round

Another significant advantage of sunless tanning is that you may use it all year. If you dwell somewhere, that doesn’t receive much sunshine in the wintertime, and you may believe that having gorgeously bronzed skin for more than half the year is impossible. Fortunately, sunless tanning eliminates this issue!

Sunless tanning is feasible all year since it does not rely on sunshine—no need to wait till summer to attain your summertime radiance. Use your sunless tanner regularly year-round, or visit your nearest sunless tanning salon in the middle of winter for that perfect bronzed skin.…

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